Do YOU Want To Learn To Use & Grow Herbs?

I bet the answer is YES!  Considering how many folks talk to me at that very thing, I know that there are a lot of you who long to know more about herbs and gardening.  Many of you are looking to be more independant!

At Hollyberry Herb Farm, we offer classes to teach all about herbs, medicinal herbs, and gardening.  However, in the past only those who could physically come to the farm could participate.

Well, that is in the PAST!

I am introducing Boot Camps in 2018!  These boot camps are designed to enable you to take what you are learning and put it into practice!  The boot camps are all online- with  live instruction once per week, homework, private group, and support from me and the other students!

Click the photo to learn more!

Begins January 2018!