Baby Watch- Evangeline the Goat

So, Evangeline is close to kidding (having babies)!  Which means that I am constantly trying to get a good look at her backside, however, she does not appreciate this! She has been bagging up for about 6 weeks now but the bag is getting very full now.  One good indicator of imminent kidding is the bag gets so full that the teats (nipples) practically stick out horizontally.  We aren’t there yet, but I am thinking within the next 5 days or so.

Her due date is a mystery because after the tornado in April, all the goats were kept together and I had bigger things to deal with than track her cycles.  And actually, the goats didn’t even live with me for the next six months. My very good friend came and picked up the goats and kept them for me while we rebuilt their pens.  So, we wait and watch.

Evangeline is a very sweet girl, but she is not overly friendly.  Born in the pasture and raised by her mother, she was not handled much by humans.  This may be a challenge when it comes time to teach her to let me milk her, but with patience it can be done.  If she had been bottle fed, she would think I was her best friend.

Last March, on St. Patrick’s Day, she kidded without any help at all so I am not worried about her ability to give birth.  Her two twin boys were healthy and went to nursing with no help from me.  But one thing that does have me concerned is the fact that a Blue Norther is bearing down on us.  As I type this it is just above 50 degrees but by 8 pm tonight it should be in the 20’s.  These kinds of weather changes can trigger labor and to be honest I would rather she didn’t kid while the north wind is howling and it is below freezing.  But, what will be is what will be- there is not controlling nature.  So, I may be spending a very cold night in the goat pen!

This was her bag a week ago, it is double in size now.

This is it today, the teats are still pointing down, so it’s not quite full yet!

“Excuse me, but can I help you?

This is what a doe who is nowhere ready to kid looks like- you can’t even see the udder!  This is Babette, she is probably bred but still has a way to go before we are on baby watch.


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