The Baby Goats Have Arrived!


If you follow me on Facebook (if you don’t, just click the button to your right) you very well may have watched the video of Evangeline giving birth!  If not, you can watch it here.  She had triplets but, sadly, one did not make it.  However, I do have 2 healthy doelings (girls) and I am so happy!

Normally, goats will make life just as difficult as they can!  This time, Evangeline had perfect timing. Sunday, January 15, 2018 was the first day of decent weather that we have had in over a week.  Monday had temperatures reaching 60′ before it plummeted to 20′ and ice and snow covered our property.  Tuesday we didn’t even clear 28′ and all was frozen! Well, wouldn’t you know it- she kidded on Sunday!  This gave us time to get everyone settled and for the kids to get a good start in life.

As you may have noticed in the pictures, Evangeline and the does have been moved to my greenhouse!  We figured that we were heating it already and not using all of it so it just made sense.  I am so glad we did, the storm Monday night was so strong that it even blew sleet into the greenhouse through the TINY spaces in the wall.  However, it was still a nice 45′ at the coldest inside the greenhouse.

So, on Monday my lovely sister brought my nieces over to see the babies!

Rylie is holding Audrey
Fynlie is holding Aurora and I am LOVING it!

We fed sunflower seeds to the other goats.  The black & white one above is bagging up (her udder is filling with milk) so she will kid soon.  Her name is Babette-it means “God is Plentiful”!  Once, we clear Thursday, there aren’t any more freezing temps predicted for about 10 days.  Who knows what will come after that, but hopefully Babette will be as thoughtful as Evangeline!

Life with animals isn’t always easy but it is very rewarding!

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  • January 17, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    The girls and I loved seeing the babies and you, human three too!

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