Hello & Welcome to Hollyberry Herb Farm!

Here at Hollyberry, we are a family owned and operated herb farm.  We grow organically, although we are not certified, because this is what is best for the body, the spirit, the soul, and the earth.

Not only do we seek to fill a void by continuing to grow herbs of all kinds, we also seek to fill the void between the desire to garden and grow things and the skill set to do it.

Once upon a time, most everyone grew up growing food or flowers with an older person, whether it was a parent, grand parent or family friend.  Families were not very far removed from a farm and skills were passed down from one generation to another.

Now, we are very much removed from the farm and the source of our sustenance- we all must eat!  My calling is to stand in that gap and equip those who desire to grow food, herbs, flowers or whatever else strikes their fancy with the skill set to do it.

A green thumb is NOT a genetic trait, it is a learned skill!  ANYONE who is willing to put in the effort can learn to grow things- ANYONE!

Through the classes on the farm, the online classes, books and blog posts, I am excited to share my knowledge, passion, and skills!

I invite you to join the Hollyberry community!  Come get dirty and grow beautiful things with us!