December was a busy month!

We had a very busy month on the farm during the month of December. We got a new calf (picutres to come soon) and chicks hatched. Cheyenne got some new rabbits- Champanges. One of Sierra’s Californians had a litter of 5. The bunnies have hair and have opened their eyes. Baby bunnies are some to the cutest babies on the farm. Baby goats are due soon, but not till the end of January. Never a dull moment!


Hatching Time!

Yesterday hatching began. I had set 3 dozen eggs and we had 20 chicks hatch. Out of the 20 we had 18 make it. I love this activity. My roo is a Blue Splash Wyandotte and the hens are Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtins, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Blue Splash Wyandottes, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Blue Splash Wyandottes and Ameracaunas. So, these chicks will be a colorful bunch. Right now out of 15 laying hens we are getting 9-12 eggs per day.

The Leading Lady

When I think of the Christmas story I am amazed at the strength of character in these simple people. Thinking about Mary- she was only around the age of 14 when God asked her to carry his son. She said “yes”. What would have happened if she had said “no”? Then I ask myself what kind of young lady was she to have said yes so readily and then see the task through to its very end- the cross. Those around her probably would have described her as spunky, maybe strong willed. (So take heart those of you who have strong-willed kids, God has a purpose for it) Think about it- a mousy, compliant person would not have had the gumption to take the leading role in God’s plan for getting Jesus to earth to save our souls. She also had amazing strength to endure the scorn and the scoffers who did not believe her claims of angels and the Holy Spirit. She was something. Then if you look at her interaction with Jesus at the wedding feast you still see spunk. The hosts of the wedding had run out of wine- a social no-no. So she tell Jesus to fix it. He replies to her “Woman, my time has not yet come.” As a child I wondered how he could be so rude with the use of “woman.” Now I understand the love and mischief with which it was said. I am sure there was a twinkle in his eye and a crooked grin on his face. Then what did he do? He turned water into wine. I guess either he couldn’t resist her charm or he knew there was no arguing with her- probably both. She must have been loving and charming as well. Look at how secure Jesus was in his calling- you don’t get that kind of kid without loving and supporting them. One day we will meet the mother of our Saviour and will know what she was really like and I am certain we will see a woman of great strength. The rest of won’t get the role of leading lady in the salvation story- its already taken; however, God does have a role for us to play that no one else can play. When He asks you to take the role I pray you say “yes”. The world needs you and when you fulfill your role history will never be the same.

80th Birthday Bash

Yesterday, we had a party for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. What a great time we had! There were so many faces from my childhood that were there. Grandmother worked for Dallas County Schools for many years. One of here co-workers heard about the party from a friend of a friend- the good old grapevine. He called my mom and asked if all the “gang” could come. Of course my mom said “yes!” So, about 10 of her former coworkers came. It is a testiment to the life my grandmother lives, that people drove for hours to see her. It was so great to see her so happy. My cousin Aaron and his roomate- also known as a “roomdog”- played their guitars and sang for her and the rest of us. His name is Aaron Gravis, you will hear him one day. I pray I am going as strong as grandmother at 80. She worked in the yard with me all week getting ready. That is a love we share- gardening. I am starting a master gardening class this week and she is considering going with me. Amazing- Go grandmother!

Peep update

Well, our best laid plans did not come to pass. None of the eggs hatched for my sister. How sad. However, we have a new plan. This Saturday I will set eggs in my bator and hatch them. Then she can take the chicks on New Year’s weekend and have them waiting for the kids when they return from break. She will also take my bator and a new batch of eggs and try again. Never say Die!

He Gave His Only Son….

During the Christmas season when we focus on celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, I can’t help but think of the crucifiction as well. They are inseparable, without either one there would be no salvation and redemption. For many years I pondered on Mary, what it must have been like for her. The joy of bringing the Son of God into this world. The bitter saddnes of bringing the Son of God into this world. Being the jewish girl that she was, she knew the prophecies, she knew what lay ahead, she knew the sacrifices she and Joseph had already made to get this baby here. This was her son, too. She loved him as any mama loves her baby. Given all of that, I always wondered why she didn’t get more credit. She gave her son as well as God. God gave his Only son, Mary of course had more children, but did that really mean it was no big deal that she gave Jesus? Then it came to me- when all of the events of Jesus’ death began to happen and as she stood there and watched him die on the cross- as a human, she could do nothing. It was out of her control. She certainly sacrificed, felt the greif, and was probably so angry she could have spit nails, but all said and done she had no control. Jesus was a grown man and he made his choice to follow God’s path and set us all free from eternal death and restore us to our Creator. Now God, on the other hand, he was almighty God. He could have stopped the pain with a thought. He could have said “enough” and Jesus’ suffering would have been over. As God, he was in control and he had the power. But, He did not. He gave his only son. How much must He love me and you. He could have stopped his child’s suffering, but He saw the big picture- our redemption- and He restrained himself and let Jesus die. What a sacrifice, what hurt. God felt the same pain, grief, and anger as Mary. We are made in His image, we have feelings and emotions so does He. God gave his only son…. So Celebrate this Christmas- Our Redeemer Lives!