Mama and Baby

Here is the picture of Rosa and her kid, Iceberg. The picture did not publish in the other post.


A new addition!

We have been waiting for baby goats! When kidding season gets close, we just can’t hardly stand it. Finally, Rosa kidded with a beautiful little buck kid. He is very strong and sooo cute! She had hime Friday afternoon. Rosa was the first one to dominoe, but there are four others. Now, we will have fresh goats milk in about 2 weeks. I am ready to start milking again.


The thoughts of man are much like the view in the rear-view mirror– just a sliver of the whole picture. “My thoughts,” says God, “are like standing on the ridge of the mountain taking it all in, seeing all from a highter perspective. Turst me, I see the whole picture.”

Quick- take a picture

Just finished “spring cleaning” the kitchen. It took 3 days, but every shelf, drawer, and surface has been cleaned including the walls. It is amazing how great it feels to walk into the kitchen and find it so clean and in order. However, I am not naive. I took these pictures so I could remember how it looked when I go in there in an hour and it is not clean! With homeschooling four kids, the kitchen takes a lot of abuse. It is cleaned every night by the 17 and 15 year old and the dishwasher runs twice a day, but it rarely looks like this.

Jack Frost came by this morning

Wow, the North wind is brutal this morning! Thankfully, the cold air came in before the rain set in, so it doesn’t look like it will be freezing rain. Today will be an inside day. I am in the middle of totally cleaning out the kitchen. The list is about half done and should be completed by today’s end. I do “spring cleaning” in January. Once spring arrives I have no interest in being inside to clean. There are not a lot of mild weathered weeks before the heat of summer hits. I don’t want to miss one day of the balmy temps! January works well, the house is usually askew after the holidays and needs attention anyway. So, I will clean and dream of daffodils and roses and sunshine on my face.


The horses really enjoyed getting out of the paddock today. Cinnamon, our senior equine, gets fed by herself so the other horses don’t eat her special feed. Of course, once she is done eating she makes the rounds through the garden beds and helps herself to carrot tops and lettuce. I would rather her eat the arugula since we don’t care for it- but it appears that she doesn’t either. So, the arugula goes to the hens as fresh greens. Today I found two hoof prints in the raised bed as Cinnamon was reaching for the last of the lettuce. If the rain holds off, putting up the gate to the veggie gardens is first on the list in the morining. Greens are still plentiful in the garden. Spinach, Kale, and lettuce are still growing good. Once the horse is banned from the beds, those items will bounce back. I do love the mild winters here. Our summers, of course, are anything but mild. I built a cold frame today. Hopefully the fresh manure in the bottom will generate enough heat to get the vegtable seedlings started. The box is an old wood box salvaged from a junk pile with an old wood frame window on top. This is a new thing for me, we will see. Now I am looking for the best heat source for my greenhouse. Cold weather is on the way, hopefully the rain will come and go before the freezing temps get here. Time will tell…

Hello, Sunshine!

We had sunshine today for the first day in about a week. We enjoyed it. Cheyenne worked her lamb. All the kids took their horses for a walk, it was still too wet to ride. The greenhouse now has a door. Tony built it for me- the door and the greenhouse. We made the best use of the sun we could. We have another cold front is on its way along with more rain. I am glad for the rain, we were in a drought this summer. Over the weekend, we got 4 inches. That makes 6 inches in 10 days. We will see what tomorrow brings!

Getting Healthy

Tony and I signed the family up at the Mother Francis Fitness Center. I have worked out everyday since Monday. I decided before the holidays that this year was time for me to get serious about healthy habits. We have really changed our eating habits but have not been consistent with physical excersise. Muscle trainning is done with the daily chores around the farm, but cardio is needed. So, here we are. It does feel good to work out. Of course, stepping on the scale is good motivation. Yikes!

The Newest Member of the Farm

Yesterday, Cheyenne, Savannah, and our friend Maci drove down to Stephenville. We bought Cheyenne’s lamb for county fair. The gentleman who raised the lambs was very nice. Cheyenne had the choice between a really large “blue” wether (castrated male) and a traditional ewe. She choose the ewe. We brought her home along with 3 other lambs for fellow 4Her’s. It was a very fun trip. The bar-b-que joint was a great place for lunch.