Explosions please…

The other morning I came into the kitchen and found Sierra intently scrubbing the table. Thinking that she was trying to get the tiny bits of glitter left over from Christmas crafts off the table, I told her not to worry about it for I “had a plan”. She promptly replied, “Its not glitter, its gun powder. Jonathan took some of his 22 shells apart. He wanted to throw it in burn barrell but Savannah told him no. She didn’t think it was safe.” Way to go Bana! Man alive- you can’t even go to the bathroom around here without somebody getting a bright idea in your absence!


Milk does the body good!

With the birth of the first goat 3 weeks ago, the milking season began. I waited a few weeks before I started to milk Rosa, my milk goat. The first milk the mother goats produce is colostrum and is not so tasty to drink, so I waited until all of that had passed. The kids are so happy to have the fresh milk again. Once you start to drink the “real” stuff, that store bought milk just doesn’t cut the mustard. Rosa is a good milker, I am getting a half gallon each morning. Iceberg, her baby, is put up at night and I milk Rosa in the morning. Once I am done, both are turned out together. This way, Iceberg gets the benefit of being raised by his mother and I don’t have to bottle feed. Should I need to be away from home, Iceberg takes care of all the milking. If I did not leave the babies with the mothers, I would have to milk every morning and evening- no missing. If any of you have ever nursed a baby, you know how it feels when the baby has slept too long! Anyway, this year I have a wonderful concrete floor in my milking parlor. Tony laid it for me a few weeks ago. I am so excited- this will make it so much easier to keep the milking parlor clean. We used concret blocks instead of the wet concrete. With the weather being so unpredictable, it was so simple to lay the blocks. It worked great. Not only does milk do the body good, milking does the soul good. I so enjoy the quiet time in the barn milking in the morning.

Spring Has Sprung

Once the daffodils pop out of the ground, I know spring is here. Sierra was delighted to have flowers to cut and bring inside. Another sign that spring is arriving is the arrival of baby animals. We have had two baby goats born so far with two more does to kid. We also bought a heifer calf. Tommy Phillips, our county extension agent, belives that she is a longhorn. This makes Tony very happy. She is a pretty thing, Cheyenne named her Strawberry Wine. She had no idea what a a bottle was, so it took a day and a half to teach her to nurse. Cheyenne did a great job with her. We have 6 rabbits due to kindle in a few weeks. This is a wonderful time of year. The greenhouse is full of seedlings waiting for the weather to warm up and stay warm. In just a few weeks those will be set out in the garden.

Bon Appetit!

Cheyenne, Savannah and Sierra competed in the 4H Food Challenge today. The Food Challenge is 4H’s version of the Iron Chef. The teams are given ingredients when they arrive and no recipe. After 40 minutes, the teams present the dish they have created to the judges and give a presentation on the cooking methods, nutritional values, serving size, and cost. There is a lot to it. Well, Cheyenne and Savannah’s senior team took first place! The name of the team is Bon Appetit Babes and they are headed to the state competition in June. Sierra’s team, the Cookin’ Cowgirls, took fourth in their division. Sierra is not old enough to compete at state. The girls worked very hard over the past few weeks. The hard work paid off and we had a lot of fun!

Little Girls Love Their Daddy

What better way to spend a snowy day than curled up with you dad napping. I don’t guess you ever get too old. I hope not. Cheyenne is 17 and Savannah is 15. There aren’t that many years left with these two at home. Good thing there are two more behind them.

Mamaw was right!

My great grandmother, Mamaw, always said that if the snowed stayed on the ground for 3 days it would come again. Well, she was right again. We had snow about 2 weeks ago that stayed for more than 3 days. You might say that it wore it’s welcome out! Last night we got about 8 inches. For some of you that may not be much, but in my part of Texas that is a lot of snow! The only livestock that has been troubled by the snow is the guineas. The sat in their tree and raised cane til about 11:00am. They finally quieted down, but they would not come down. Apparently the guineas seem to equate the white blanket with pain and certain death. A couple of the “smart” guineas went in the chicken house last night and have hung out in the warmth of the chickens for the day. Porterhouse, our steer, was only concerned that we were still bringing feed. The two show pigs, Skunk and Betsy Ross, regarded the white fluffy stuff as fun from heaven deposited for their enjoyment. They spent the day tilling a small patch in the pen- I can’t imagine what bugs they may have been finding in the cold. The snow is beautiful and I have enjoyed watching the birds eating from the feeders. With the white background, all the birds stand out. However, I am glad to see temps getting into the 40’s on Saturday.

Katie Mae Preston

My niece, Katie, is 6 years old. This past week the “Basketball Skills Team” that she is a member of got to perform at the Varsity Girls basketball game. My bunch got to go and it was so much fun. Katie did a great job. There were just a few kindergarteners on the team. Her sister, Rylie, is only four so it will be a few years until she gets to perform- on the court. Rylie is always a great source of entertainment, however. She spent the evening keeping tabs on the Panther mascot. If grandkids are half as much fun as nieces- I can’t wait!Katies Basketball performance