Say Hello To My Little Friend

I have a new herb that I am really excited about. Lovage.

When I began gardening in order to provide as much of our own food as possible, celery was a vegetable that I loved to cook with for seasoning and flavor. The problem was that celery does not like Texas summers. So, what was I to do? Now, thanks to Lovage I can have the flavor I love. To use Lovage, all you have to do is snip of a sprig or two, chop it up and add it to whatever dish you are cooking.

An added benefit to using Lovage versus celery, is that Lovage has medicinal properties as well. It stimulates the immune system and is good for treating winter illnesses and respiratory tract concerns.

Lovage is easy to grow. If you purchase a transplant, simply plant it in sun, shade, or partial shade- just be certain that the soil is well drained. One plant is all you need as Lovage grows to 3 ft in one season. The plant is herbaceous (dies back in winter) but being a perennial it comes back every year. What more could you ask for?


Oh, so good- Home Grown Food!

As the temps get warmer and stay warm, the garden is really gaining steam. Currently we are harvesting green beans, lettuce, squash, carrots, and cucumbers.

At lunch today, we had fried squash, chicken tenders, and green beans with new potatoes. All the veggies came from our farm. Yes, we had two fried foods on the same plate. I am southern born and quite proud of it!

But, before you send out the nutrition police, I would like to point out that the batter was from organic eggs and milk and the flour was fresh ground whole wheat. I also mixed ground flax seed in the batter. The squash and chicken were both fried in olive oil. So, while still not the most healthy of way to prepare my organic produce, it is a far cry from my former cooking habits!

When you eat the food you grew, it just tastes better. I also like the fact that I don’t need anything from the produce section at the supermarket. It feels good to be independant!

Psalm 128:2
When you eat the labor of your hands, you shall be happy, and it shall be well with you.
How true!

Beautiful Girls

Masquerade was the theme and everyone looked wonderful. Of course, the masks didn’t last for long. Last weekend was our first homeschool prom. Some good friends of ours put it together and it was a lot of fun for my oldest girls.

No matter the age, girls love to get dressed up. Cheyenne and Savannah were no different. Finding the dresses was remarkably easy. Savannah borrowed hers and we found Cheyennes at a unique shop in Tyler. Savannah’s best friend, Renae spent the day with us and got dressed here, too. I had fun sharing the shopping and the day with the girls.

Once all the glamming was done, we headed to Athens. The girls danced for hours. The only challenge was that there was only one boy and about 17 girls. Of course, for the boy this may not have been such a challenge. Thankfully, he knew how to dance. I look forward to next year.