Busy Bees & Finally Some Basil

A Good Week On The Farm…

The Newsletter of Hollyberry Herb Farm

Well, here we are and another week has passed and market is fast approaching.

Tuesday morning I awoke to the sound if rain drifting through my open window.  Most times this gentle rainfall would bring a smile to my face and perhaps cause me to curl up for a few more minutes of sleep, but this morning it made me cringe.  Within a four day period we received over 6 inches of rain.  That is a lot of water.  I already had garden beds standing in water, so more rain was not really what we needed.  But, it was a short rain and the sun came out.  Puddles drained, but the ground is still very squishy which means I will have to wait a few days to work the beds- let’s hope the weeds to get too much of a head start!

I was grateful that the rain on Monday…

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