Compost Tea

Here is a great post on compost tea- the best liquid fertilizer for your plants

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Compost Tea
For blooms like this, all you need is compost tea. It makes great vegetables, too!
If I had to pick one thing that was essential for a good garden, aside from the soil, it would be compost tea. Compost tea is a liquid fertilizer, mild insect repellent, and a mild fungicide. The ease of application and production makes this potion hard to beat.
Everyone should have a compost pile going somewhere on their property. Even if it is just a pile back in the corner that you add to when the leaves fall, you bag the lawn clippings, or you have veggie scraps from the kitchen. If you would like more information on composting, see the gardening category at the side. Down at the bottom of this pile will be finished or almost finished compost. To make the compost tea, you simply take some of this finished compost…

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