Herbal Folklore

Check this post out- it is very interesting. I love the colorful history that herbs have and I also love that science it starting to prove that some old wives tales are true.

Sanctuary Gardener

Fantasy forest house via 1ms.net SG

Tuesday evening, I attended my first meeting of the South Carolina Herbal Society here in Charleston. Because I’m very interested in learning about herbs and herbal medicine, I brought my membership form and annual fee with me. After the first meeting, I can already say that it is going to be worth it! The leader of the meeting is an experienced herbalist, and she shared for an hour and a half on herbal folklore. As we know, there is usually a thread of truth underlying “old wives’ tales” or folklore, so it was interesting to learn how people used herbs centuries ago. Although she couldn’t possibly touch on every herb and its folklore in that short period of time, she did speak about the most common herbs. I’d like to now share with you some of what I learned.

I took pages and pages of notes during the meeting, writing furiously to…

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There May Be Snow, But The Seasons Have Changed: A Different Kind Of Snow Day With A Hot Chocolate Recipe

Jonathan in the ice

I love snow days, I always have.  Once we began the farm, snow days were certainly different from the snow days where we just got to bundle up and watch movies.  Making sure the animals have water, shelter, and extra feed can take away from the pleasure at times, but it also brings its own kind of pleasure.

At this stage, the number of our animals is greatly reduced  and Jonathan, who loves snow and ice and cold, was happy to carry out the duties awaiting him.  Sierra and I got to stay indoors and relax.

BUT here is the thing that made this snow day different- my oldest two were not at home, they were at their homes.  In the past, even though they had moved out, they still came home- to my home- on snow days and got iced in with us.  This time they did not.

Savannah called midday and I said to Sierra, “I bet she is calling to see if her daddy thinks she can drive on the roads and come home.”  Well, she was calling to see if he thought it safe to drive but she was wanting to go to Dakota not here.  Home for now means being wherever Dakota is, home for her is now more about a person than a place.  And that is good, given that their wedding is now just a few months away.

As for Cheyenne a day at home with no college or work meant a day at her home.  She now lives with my grandmother, her great-grandmother.  I know that home very well as I have spent many days there with two of my most beloved women.  I know that she spent plenty of time standing in front of the Deerborn heater warming her backside then turning around to warm the front.  Central heat is nice but there is something about having a warm spot to back up to on a cold day.  She was content in a warm house full of love- her home.

This is the first year that I have seen a distinct separation from my home to their own homes even though they moved away two years ago.  I thought it would be more upsetting but its not.  It is in its due time.  There are seasons in our life, not just spring and winter, but seasons for certain types of living.  My season for having all of my babies at home has passed.  I love having time to focus with the younger two and I love having teenagers.  Most people find me crazy, but I love it.  Its a new season, but a good one.  Each season has its place.  The mistake most mothers make is to try and hold on to one season for too long.  This simply causes strife and conflict and it will not stop the season from changing.  The seasons will change with or without our permission, best to embrace the change and enjoy every moment for what it is.

So, today we will enjoy another day at home with just the younger two and make some more memories and drink hot chocolate!  I have my own hot chocolate recipe I developed and we  just love it.

Here it is so you can make homemade hot chocolate that tastes way better than anything from a package.

Hot Chocolate

2 Cups whole milk

3 cups heavy cream

3 tablespoons of Cocoa

1/4 cup sugar

2 teaspoons of vanilla

Mix together and heat through in a heavy bottomed sauce pan.  Top with marshmallows if you desire (which we do).

The sugar could be substituted with organic raw sugar, honey, or agave nectar if you are looking for an unprocessed version.

Herb Sale!

Upgrade your herb garden with herbs from Hollyberry Herb Farm

The Newsletter of Hollyberry Herb Farm

herbs ready for market April 2014

Saturday June 14th, Hollyberry Herb Farm will have our end of the season clearance.

All herbs are $2.00/cup

Come see us and upgrade your herb garden.


From Canton travel south on Hwy 19 towards Athens.  2 miles out of town turn left on FM 2909, 2 miles down turn left on CR 4101.  Hollyberry Herb Farm is about 1/4 mile down on the right, look for sign.




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An Herb Class Coming Up! Lunch & Learn

For those of you looking for a great class on herbs and vermicomposting- here you go! Check it out

The Newsletter of Hollyberry Herb Farm

Just a brief post to let all of you know about the upcoming herb class-

Lunch and Learn with Texas Worm Ranch & Hollyberry Herb Farm, June 10th 2014


We will feed you all a wonderful herbal lunch- Chicken Salad Sandwiches and more, plus teach you all how to grow some herbs and make the recipes.  Heather will also give a tour of the Texas Worm Ranch and teach about vermicomposting.

Go to the Texas Worm Ranch for more details and sign up today!

basil in the crate

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Memorial Day Market & A New Farm Helper

A weeks progress

The Newsletter of Hollyberry Herb Farm


There was some excitement on the farm this week, we added a new member.  Meet Chester The Farm Dog.  He’s a cute mix of something, but he is smart and I am convinced he will be just the thing to keep the wild critters from helping themselves to the chickens and ducks.  It will take some training to teach him the do’s and don’ts- such as leaving the chickens alone himself, but it will be worth it.  A good farm dog is worth their weight in gold.

This week found us picking our first cucumber, squash, and cherry tomatoes.  Not enough yet to share, but enough to savor the first tastes of summer.


Carrots were harvested which made room for tomatillios to go in and more tomatoes were planted.  We have blooms on the pepper plants- hooray! And I am proud to say that the paste tomatoes are loaded up.

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Busy Bees & Finally Some Basil

A Good Week On The Farm…

The Newsletter of Hollyberry Herb Farm

Well, here we are and another week has passed and market is fast approaching.

Tuesday morning I awoke to the sound if rain drifting through my open window.  Most times this gentle rainfall would bring a smile to my face and perhaps cause me to curl up for a few more minutes of sleep, but this morning it made me cringe.  Within a four day period we received over 6 inches of rain.  That is a lot of water.  I already had garden beds standing in water, so more rain was not really what we needed.  But, it was a short rain and the sun came out.  Puddles drained, but the ground is still very squishy which means I will have to wait a few days to work the beds- let’s hope the weeds to get too much of a head start!

I was grateful that the rain on Monday…

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Easter Market and Spring Blooms

What a wonderful weekend for a market- check out what has been happening on the farm this week.

The Newsletter of Hollyberry Herb Farm

We certainly have had a busy week around the farm.  Monday found us covering up as the cold, for one last time,  descended upon us.  Tuesday warmed up so that the plants under cover almost fried before I uncovered them and then we had to re-cover everything as it was still a cold night.  But, it was worth it as we did not loose any of our warm season plants such as tomatoes and squash.

Now, on with the blooms, sunshine, and growth!

Wednesday found us at my grandmother’s house for fishing and gardening.  Grandmother is in her eighties and still gardens every day.  Whenever I am there, we always walk the gardens to see what is blooming.  Now that the daffodils and other bulbs are done blooming I have begun to did out a start of each kind for my own gardens.  This helps me and her as…

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The Spring Season Has Sprung!

We are cooking here at the farm, I love spring and here is a sample of all that is going on. I hope you are as happy as I am!

The Newsletter of Hollyberry Herb Farm

There were several moments when it seemed that spring would never come, that the death grip that winter had on us would never be broken.  Then, in a few weeks time everything is showing green and folks are ready to plant.  I am so happy!

During the past few weeks when the weather has cooperated and even on several occasions when the weather was not cooperating, we have made some improvements, finished projects, and expanded from last year.

new arch and mailbox

The herb garden has a lovely arch for the entry (still waiting on paint) and a mailbox to hold hand tools and gloves.  Many of the herbs have bounced back from the nasty freeze that struck a couple of weeks ago, but sadly my lemon  verbena and the lavender are still brown with no signs of life.  I will give them another week or two and then I will begin replacing what…

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